My wishes regarding a angel I knew

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

We knew long ago 
In a place called "past" 
Where there were no angels 
Because I just knew demons 

Perhaps my destiny was to die 
But you came to save me 
From that nostalgic past 
You were able to rescue me

With only a glance 
You came to conquer all my soul 
And with a few words won all my confidence 
You are an angel…… started to believe in angels 
If there 
And you knew that you were the first 

I saved an angel 
And I am fond of my savior 
Because nobody else interests you 
You were you the first thing I protected 

But that day came and 
We marched in the same way…. 
We met on this site 
That now calls "past" 
And you protect without care 
That we are never again.